How Low Can You Go?

Despite the best efforts of the MSM to tar conservatives with the racist, white supremacist brush, word of Antifa’s questionable alliances is coming out. I have already reported that Black Lives Matter (BLM) that burst onto the scene after the Ferguson riots have its origins in a black lesbian communist organization Politics/hijacking-a-movement/. 

Hijacking a movement is par for the course. The choice is to earn credibility and support by going out and earning it, or stealing the good name or creating name similar to a respected organization, Cover-of-an-old-song-and-dance-routine//.It worked for Joe Columbo, for a while.

Antifa is a front or umbrella organization that uses fascist, communist, nazi and anarchist tactics to suppress free speech and dissent. They say they don’t and the press takes them at their word. Of course, the press also accepts that the KKK an offshoot of the Democratic party is right wing.

The confusion of right versus left, communist, fascist, anarchist can be tracked back to WWII. I don’t see a whole lot of difference between Joe Stalin’s Russia and Adolph Hitler’s Germany. Throw in the fact that both sides used anarchist techniques to acquire and maintain control and the distinction becomes even less obvious.

The Communist Party already had staked out the left in American politics. Germany invading Russia didn’t evoke a whole lot of sympathy in America. Roosevelt needed a sympathetic underdog to oppose Germany. Russia didn’t quite fit the bill since Germany and Russia had more in common than not. So fascism a left wing philosphy got recast as a right wing conspiracy against the world. Now the battle lines were clear, even if the rhetoric was not.

I will let the links speak for themselves:


NAMBLA Tied to Radical Teacher Group Moonbattery.

I always wanted to try my hand at public relations. Here’s my chance, it seems like Antifa could use a PR boost.

NAMBLA Too busy protesting to rape your sons.

BAMN, once NAMBLA takes away your child’s sense of self-worth; they’re ours.

RWL, BAMN, NAMBLA with the stakes this high there is no low the Democratic Party cannot reach