Happy Holidays

The holidays are coming and families will gather around the table for a meal.  Some acting on orders from Moonbat Central will continue their indoctrination efforts.  Bruce Jenner is a woman.  Muslims are peace loving and the ever popular global warming.  Understand, that while you may be having a discussion, people like Daniel Rendall are making a list and to disagree is to die.  

Chances are Daniel has balls the size of BB’s and whatever threat he poses to life and limb is offset by his incompetency.  But that doesn’t mean his call to action won’t be answered by somebody who does have the ability to be lethal.


If only there was a central clearinghouse that could help concerned citizens in assessing the threat posed by these “hate groups”.  By Golly there is, it is called the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) they maintain maps, lists, manifesto, and related information on Hate Groups.  Of course they also define the criteria for inclusion.  “Black Lives Matter” Nope, “Occupy” Nope, “Muslim Extremists” Nope, Environmentalist Groups that advocate violence, Nope.

The FED’s have SPLC on speed dial and consider them to be the authoritative source on hate groups in the United States.  

Family unity during the holidays goes just so far.  I’ve decided that I’m not breaking bread with people that want me dead.  I am through making excuses or coming up with ways to ignore their addled thinking.  They have made a choice in projecting their bullshit on the rest of us.  Tell them it is unacceptable and give them directions to the nearest Micky D’s. This isn’t censorship, they have a First Amendment right to their opinion, just as I have a First Amendment right to chose who I associate with.