Nomination for a Hero Badge

An EMT transporting a patient was flagged down because a girl was choking to death.  Qwasi Reid the EMT stopped to render aid but was unsuccessful in reviving the girl.  He has now been suspended without pay, which is usually a pretty good indication that the company intends to fire him.

In defense of the company one must consider the following:

  1.  The company had a contractual obligation to transport the patient that they already had.  There was no contractual obligation to the choking girl.
  2. There are regulations governing the operation of private ambulance services that may have been violated by stopping.
  3. Insurance or Medicare probably prohibit the treatment/transport of multiple patients.
  4. Employees interjecting their moral standards into the workplace environment is not conducive to corporate goals.

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I tried, but I think the company screwed up big time.

Hang in there Qwasi you can do better.