Good Guys With Guns

From the Federalist Blog. Guns-don’t-kill-people-gun-bans kill people.

The Left also ignores the overwhelming evidence that every year, tens of thousands of people use firearms to defend themselves against attackers. According to data from the Department of Justice, “In 2007–11, there were 235,700 victimizations where the victim used a firearm to threaten or attack an offender.” In another 103,000 instances, people used a firearm to defend their property against an offender.

That means over the five-year period from 2007 to 2011, there were more than 338,000 instances in which people defended themselves with a firearm, about 67,000 instances each year. Many researchers believe those figures are too low. A far-reaching survey conducted in the 1990s by Gary Kleck, a professor at Florida State University, found there are 2.1 to 2.5 million defensive gun uses annually.

By comparison, in 2011, the most recent year available in the Department of Justice data cited above, there were 11,101 firearm homicides, and in the overwhelming majority of those cases, the offender possessed the weapon illegally. Even if you add all instances in which a person was injured but not killed by an offender, there are more instances of guns being used to defend lives and property than to illegally harm people.

The data are clear: Legal firearms owners do not pose a public threat to safety. In fact, they save countless lives every year. Why don’t these lives matter to the far-left?

I don’t have anything to add. Most on the left will disagree on the legal use of firearms. One left-wing pundit denied that the Sutherland Springs Shooter was stopped by a “good guy with a gun.” She pointed out the episode ended when the shooter took his own life. The two bullets in the chest apparently had no effect in ending the mass murder.

Watch for this sleight of hand. The headline will read “Police Kill Man for Possession of Marijuana” or the ever-popular “Police Kill Unarmed Man.” Once the reader gets into the meat of the story, the narrative doesn’t quite fit the headline. In the narrative, it is revealed that police were executing a search warrant, which the dead suspect opposed by shooting at them. The police returned the favor. Once the guns come out the marijuana becomes a side issue. Again, the unarmed man story doesn’t track the facts. Variations on this story have the offender attempting to park a Buick on the police officer’s chest. Since over 30,000 people die every year due to car accidents, police officers are motivated not to be used as parking spaces. A deadly weapon is anything used in a manner to cause serious bodily injury or death. A Buick qualifies.