Free Stuff

Memorial to John Frum, Tanna, Vanuatu
Cochise, Apache Chief

Liberalism is a mental defect. Sounds good but it doesn’t explain. Is it genetic? Could it be environmental? You know don’t drink the water. Or is it a logical thought process based on an entirely false premise? Two value systems widely separated by time and geography convinced me that the false premise is likely responsible. 

These systems are represented by the Apache Indians of the American southwest and the natives of the New Hebrides.

The Apaches were sure that, as a race, they were superior to all others. They were renowned as warriors. The Apache could not make, metal knives, pots and pans, guns and ammunition. How could they be superior?
The Apache had an answer. It wasn’t necessary for the Apache to make such things, as long as the Mexicans and White man did. Why waste the effort manufacturing these items when it was so much easier and satisfying to kill them and steal their shit? Nancy Pelosi would be so proud.

In the early 1940’s some natives in the New Hebrides were dissatisfied with the missionary efforts to civilize them. The Japanese invasion of the south Pacific led to a general evacuation of “Anglo” missionaries.

Legend has it that a man named John Frum showed up on Tanna. He promised that in the short term things might get tough but eventually the Americans would come. When the Americans did come they would bring stuff. They did come and they brought stuff, jeeps, trucks, airplanes, ships, and all the supplies that a modern army needs.

The native elders and chiefs considered themselves to be intelligent men. They saw the things that the Americans had and could not conceive how this stuff could have been made by man. If the stuff wasn’t made by man, then it must be a gift from God. If that was the case, then the Americans were definitely favored.

The elders knew what they had to do, suck up to the Americans. It worked! Pretty soon the natives were getting free shit from the Americans. The natives observed that the Americans built landing strips. These landing strips attracted airplanes. The airplanes brought more stuff. So the natives built landing strips. They learned to march in formation, just like the Americans. Life was good. To this day the natives on Tanna are waiting for John Frum and the Americans to return and bring them more stuff.

It is somehow fitting that when LBJ left office the elders on Tanna invited him to come to Tanna and take over as the leader. LBJ declined.

The Apaches and the Melanesians are the embodiment of liberal thought. Ignore the process. Process doesn’t matter, the only thing that counts is the result. They are entitled to “stuff” simply because they draw a breath. The only effort required is to carry off the free stuff.

Naysayers may scoff. The Apaches and Melanesians are primitive unsophisticated people. Let me quote “THE ONE” “You didn’t build that!”

There is a significant percentage of the population that are modern day members of the American version of a cargo cult. Used to be they had to make a trip to the mailbox. Now they don’t even have to expend that effort. On the first and fifteenth of the month, money magically appears in their bank account. They don’t have to do anything, not even ask, it just appears. Explain to me the difference.