All the News, Print to Fit

This guy represents a double banger wacko, but you would never know it to read the local news story. I was a cop for thirty years. It was a rare occasion when events I recounted in an offense report bore any resemblance to what was reported in the local newspaper. Things haven’t changed.

Alanna Partin

Where to begin. The newspaper refers to Alanna Partin as a she throughout the story. They could have included a booking photograph, as I did, but didn’t. I wonder why.

Partin is charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm. In order for that charge to work there must be a previous felony conviction. It is an integral part of the story. Another intriguing element is the whole “sovereign citizen” bullshit. Might the crazy rantings be an indication of previous confrontations with government and police? The reporter is not interested in the past, as it impacts the present case.

Don’t worry, I did the heavy lifting. He’s not heavy he’s a transgender freak! It seems in 2017 Nicholas Partin, aka Alanna, was arrested in Vancouver for trying to run over some protesters. He also has previous arrests in Portland. Link below.

Here is an interesting tidbit. The Vancouver Police (Canada) classified Nicholas, aka Alanna Partin as a male at the time of his arrest. The Portland police and Benton County Sheriff classified Nicholas “Alanna” Partin as female.

This story isn’t about the about the courtroom antics of Alanna Partin. It is about the lie of omission that the media put out to advance a liberal agenda. The main mission of the press is to sell tampons and toilet paper.