Fashion Ready

First, MS 13 abandons Nike sneakers and now Antifa is abandoning Dr. Martins, basic black, and face masks. What’s next? No Carmen Miranda hats at a gay rights event?

Stephen Crowder Undercover video of Antifa, Utah. I don’t know that the video stands up to his hype, but it is disturbing. The mainstream media is not interested. What I find interesting is that this is the product of a late night comedian who perceives the danger and is willing to act.

People of my generation are likely to dismiss the campus protests as youthful exuberance and compare it to the late sixties, early seventies. The comparison does not stand up to scrutiny. Let’s compare and contrast:

Communication 1968-1974

No cellular telephones, no Internet, no faxing, and No Texting. For practical purposes no Xerox or copying machines while equipment was in its infancy, it would be the late seventies before copying centers were generally available.

Telephones, pay phones, and faxes fell under the control of one entity AT&T. One subpoena took care of all law enforcement’s investigative needs. No telephone billing cards.  Secure telephone calls required lists of payphones and times when the callers would be available. After the first call, future calls could be scheduled by agreement. No instant communication. Communication:

Communication: Present cell phones are widely available as are burner phones, phones with no identified subscriber. Most cell phones are Internet capable and can send and receive photos, videos, texts much of which can be encrypted. This means the transmission may be noted by law enforcement but the message is unknown. Communication can be instant with no scheduling required.

Cell phones are widely available as are burner phones, phones with no identified subscriber. Most cell phones are Internet capable and can send and receive photos, videos, texts much of which can be encrypted. This means the transmission may be noted by law enforcement but the message is unknown. Communication can be instant with no scheduling required.

Mass Communication 1968-1974

Fliers and leaflets generally required the services of a print shop. The alternative was mimeograph (purple ink) a slow time-consuming process. Photos, diagrams or artwork usually suffered in the transition. MSM may have been sympathetic to the Civil Rights Movement and the Antiwar movement, old style liberals were not supportive of violence to achieve the end result. Getting the message out was a constant battle between the radicals and the press.

Mass Communication Present

Anybody with a computer can be a print shop and produce high-quality graphics, photos, logos, maps, and drawings. The work product can then be uploaded onto the Internet to be printed at will by the end users. Any editing that takes place is under the control of the group. The Internet is forever, copies of Che and other revolutionaries writings are still available.

Message 1968-1974

One of the goals of the Students for Democratic Society (SDS) was to raise the consciousness of inner-city blacks and get them to rise up against the establishment. Given the choice between a group of white upper-middle-class kids and either the Black Panthers or Martin Luther King; blacks did not choose the SDS. SDS found kindred souls when they hooked up with Weather Underground (an off-shoot) and concentrated on protesting the war. They targeted recruiting stations, the Pentagon, ROTC detachments and university labs doing DOd work for bombings. There was also a non-violent component to protesting the war. The message was fragmented and to many not sympathetic.

Message Present

At least the SDS, Weather Underground, Black Panthers and Black Liberation Army could not be accused of lying about who they were and what was their goal. Not so the current day protestors. The operative word today is “intersectionality.” This makes for strange bedfellows. A group of black lesbian communists creates the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement to protest the killing of black male felons. They also adopt males claiming to be “transgendered” and make them honorary lesbians. The transgenders campaign for gay rights and in the process attempt to steal one of queerdom’s iconic events, the “Stonewall Riots in New York City in 1969. The transgendered crowd of today has claimed kinship with the transvestites of 1969. The politically correct movement maintains anything white is racist, homophobic, and anti-feminist. The practice of religion is bad unless it is the Muslim religion. Animals have rights people do not. All of these disparate thoughts have come home to roost under the banner of Antifa.

As a philosophy Antifa isn’t for anything. Antifa has all sorts of ideas, as to what needs to be torn down. The shape of the replacement, not so much. Antifa is about intersectionality. Ignore the differences between the various groups, focus on the one point where they agree.

Let’s try it. Corporate Greed! It’s bad. Companies exist not to provide products and services but to provide jobs and benefits for workers. CEO’s and Companies have no business making a profit based on the sweat of the worker.

Which came first, the profit or the corporate donation? Do companies cover the amount that they donated the previous year and declare a profit once that goal is reached? Or do they look at total revenue for the year, compare it to obligated expenses and then determine what they can give? The whole idea of a donation implies a choice. If one eliminates corporate greed does that necessarily cut the source of charitable giving?

Planned Parenthood (Estimated 445 Million 2017)

The Dallas Cowboys !
American Cancer Society
Camp Fire Girls
The Dr. Phil Foundation
Girls Inc.,
Girl Scouts

Human Rights Watch

Kiwanis Clubs

The March of Dimes
Rotary Clubs
The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation – (You know, pink in October? NFL?)

Neiman Marcus
Adobe (Software Maker)
Wachovia Bank
Golub (which operates Price Chopper supermarkets),

Time Warner
Bank of America
The Dallas Cowboys

 More Planned Parenthood Donors

Walt Disney
Johnson & Johnson
Wells Fargo
Whole Foods Market
Nationwide insurance
AlphaGraphics, television broadcasting firm

Arizona Lotus
BolchalkFReY Marketing
Kara-Line (Wild Carrots apparel)
Lowe Enterprises (hotel and resort operator )
Scolari’s Food & Drug.

Tiffany & Company and Blackjack Pizza
Mesa Air Group
Trinity Investments
Bank of America
Darden Restaurants (Olive Garden, Red Lobster, etc.),

eBay (PayPal, etc.)
Laureate Education
Nationwide (insurance)
Select Comfort (Sleep Number bed)

Southwest Airlines (Jet Blue, etc.)
Starwood Hotels (Aloft, Element, Four Points, Le Méridien, Sheraton, St. Regis, W, Westin, etc.), Symantec,
Wells Fargo
Whole Foods

Comic Relief
Eagles Clubs
Elks Clubs
Elton John
AIDS Foundation
Red Cross

American Cancer Society
Amnesty International
Audubon Society
Boys & Girls Clubs
Camp Fire

Human Rights Watch
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
Kiwanis Clubs

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Lions Clubs
March of Dimes
Michael J. Fox Foundation
Muscular Dystrophy Association

Paralyzed Veterans of America
Parkinson’s Disease Foundation
Ronald McDonald House Charities
Rotary Clubs
Salvation Army

Save the Children
Sierra Club

Southern Poverty Law Center (44.8 million 2017)

Abbott Laboratories
Bank of America
Charles Schwab
Deutsche Bank

Freddie Mac
JPMorgan Chase
Kraft Heinz
Liberty Mutual
Newman’s Own
Progressive Insurance