BOP #32751-034, Call Puerto Rico (Plus Update)

How not to stage a poor mouth appeal.

The mayor of San Juan standing in front of supplies complaining about the lack of supplies. I’ll say it again. The Feds are a one trick pony. In a disaster, they will come, and they will bring stuff. More stuff than one could conceive of, but they don’t make house calls. If the locals don’t have a plan to move the stuff off the loading dock, then there it sits. Heard any complaints from Florida and Houston?

It’s easier to fix a modern well maintained power grid than it is to fix an obsolete power grid.

Mayor Cruz stand by your telephone, let me hook you up with somebody who knows how all this works.

Didn’t even get this posted and already an update. A call in from a Puerto Rican Cop to a New York City Radio call-in-show. The roadblock? City Government and the Mayor.