Dueling Narratives

The soon to be late, Rodney Reed

Texas is fixing to execute a rape murderer named Rodney Reed. The usual gang of suspects maintain he is innocent. They say that Texas is going to execute an innocent man. This argument is bullshit. Texas has never and will never execute an innocent man. The simple fact is, when a judge of a competent jurisdiction says, “let him go” the prison system does just that.

The left loves technicalities. Here’s one for them. If a condemned prisoner isn’t exonerated, then the subsequent execution is appropriate. Whether the prisoner committed the crime or not doesn’t matter.

Technicalities are all well and good when it favors a liberal stance. Technicalities are bad when they don’t. Liberals bemoan the way the autopsy and crime scene was processed: contamination don’t you know. However, according to liberals, a belt used to strangle the victim that was not preserved for DNA testing should be tested. The court noted that the belt is hopelessly contaminated. That contamination would compromise any DNA test. But ignore that, liberals want what they want.

Here are two articles about the same murder. I have to point that out at the outset because the facts, as related in each article, do not match up. A casual reader might think they were reading about two different murders.



There is nothing new here. There is no new evidence. He has exhausted all of his appeals. It really doesn’t matter how long he has been in prison. The sentence is death when that happens he will have met his obligation to the State.