Doublethink, As Public Policy

Bring out your dead!

This is a tale of two cities Moonbat style. In Seattle the government is determined to crack down the consumption of sugary drinks. That ought to go over big with the dopers. They ad raised a tax on drinks that has almost doubled case prices. In San Francisco, entrepreneurs are selling untreated, unfiltered water for $60 for a 2 1/2 gal jug. They are promoting it for human consumption. It is not a question of if drinking untreated water will lead to disease only when.

I see two possible ulterior motives in San Francisco. A mass casualty pandemic would go along way towards opening up the San Francisco housing market and secondly undrinkable water would ease the City’s way towards third world shithole status

Doublethink is the act of simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in distinct social contexts.[1] Doublethink is related to, but differs from, hypocrisy and neutrality. Also related is cognitive dissonance, in which contradictory beliefs cause conflict in one’s mind. Doublethink is notable due to a lack of cognitive dissonance—thus the person is completely unaware of any conflict or contradiction.

George Orwell created the word doublethink in his dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (published in 1949); doublethink is part of newspeak. In the novel, its origin within the typical citizen is unclear; while it could be partly a product of Big Brother’s formal brainwashing programmes,[2] the novel explicitly shows people learning doublethink and newspeak due to peer pressure and a desire to “fit in”, or gain status within the Party—to be seen as a loyal Party Member. In the novel, for someone to even recognize—let alone mention—any contradiction within the context of the Party line was akin to blasphemy, and could subject that person to disciplinary action and to the instant social disapproval of fellow Party Members.

Like many aspects of the dystopian societies reflected in Orwell’s writings, Orwell considered doublethink to be a feature of Soviet-style totalitarianism, as reflected in this statement from a speech by Joseph Stalin: We are for the withering away of the state, and at the same time we stand for the strengthening of the dictatorship of the proletariat, which represents the most powerful and mighty of all forms of the state which have existed up to the present day. The highest development of the power of the state, with the object of preparing the conditions of the withering away of the state: that is the Marxist formula. Is it “contradictory”? Yes, it is “contradictory.” But this contradiction is a living thing and wholly reflects the Marxist dialectic.[3]

Greedy and Tyrannical Moonbattery Exposed by Costco

Moonbattery is not only suffocating and nauseating but also prohibitively expensive. That’s why it’s a mystery why anyone would choose to live in Seattle, whose progressive rulers just imposed the soda tax that is all the rage among nanny statists from Berkeley to Philadelphia:

Last June, the Seattle city council passed a 1.75 cents per ounce tax on sugary drinks. The tax affects sodas, energy drinks, sports drinks, juice and other non-milk based products.

As of January 1, the tax is now in force. Observe the effect of social engineering on soft drink prices:

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If price labeling broke out the costs taxes and regulations add to everything we buy, people might finally revolt against moonbat rule.

Silicon Valley Moonbats Pay Through the Nose to Poison Themselves with Raw Water

Moonbattery is mandatory in the tech industry, as Brendan Eich and James Damore can tell you. The latest moonbat fad in Silicon Valley is raw water:

In San Francisco, “unfiltered, untreated, unsterilized spring water” is selling for as much as $60.99 for a 2.5 gallon jug. Startups dedicated to untreated water are popping up. People — including startup Juicero’s cofounder Doug Evans — are gathering gallons of untreated water from natural springs to bring to Burning Man.
They could get the water out of San Francisco Bay. It wouldn’t be much less potable.
Unfiltered, untreated water, even from the cleanest streams, can contain animal feces, spreading Giardia, which has symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea and results in roughly 4,600 hospitalizations a year. Hepatitis A, which resulted in 20 deaths in a California outbreak in 2017, can be spread through water if it isn’t treated. E. coli, and cholera can also be transmitted via untreated water.

By all means, moonbats, guzzle it down. Just don’t expect other people to pay for your healthcare if the raw water fails to kill you straight off.

In California, HIV/AIDS is not a contagious disease but a civil right.

Please, Please, Please let the big one come before it is two late. The rush for ocean front property along the Continental Divide will more than offset the loss of California, Oregon and Washington states

Liberals know what is good for everybody when holding diametrically opposed positions.

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