Sexual Assault Broadcast on British TV, No Charges Filed

The point is India is not a woman. Never has been a woman and never will be a woman. India decided she wanted a piece of a singer who was a contestant on the same game show. He declined the honor explaining that homey didn’t swing that way. She stormed off the set, but who is in trouble.? You guessed it. Aren’t the feminists in the process of crucifying a wide variety of male entertainers for refusing to take no for an answer?

Would it have been OK if he said,

  1. “No you’re ugly and old and I don’t go that way?”
  2. No, I’m afraid I’ll catch something.”
  3. “RAPE!”
  4. Just because you are operating under a delusion, doesn’t mean I have to share it.”

India Willoughby makes a move on SingerR&B singer Ginuwine — a cast member in the TV series “Celebrity Big Brother UK” — was ripped by some on social media after rejecting the advances of a fellow cast member who’s a transgender woman.

India Willoughby — a journalist — was sitting next to Ginuwine on a couch and lamenting that “a lot of guys wouldn’t go out with somebody like me, even though I’m a woman.”