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BLM, More Like Black Felons Matter

Breonna Taylor, EMT,

Power Line Blog published a piece about black perception of police. The conclusions and comments came about as a result of several polls and cover an extended time period. I am not a fan of polling but sometimes it beats the alternative. At the Link.

Power Line Blog

There seems to be a wide range of opinion. There are the results of polls. And then there are the opinions of community activists and race hustlers, like Sean Collins. Keep in mind, what do you call a community activist who solves the ills that he/she decries? Unemployed. First, Collins:

At the core of this rage is a legitimate fear for black Americans: the sense that they can be killed anywhere at any time by anyone, but especially by law enforcement. It is a feeling black Americans have carried for all of America’s history. And the fact that the feeling has persisted for so long, that it has passed through so many iterations — the casual and common brutality of slavery, the lynching terrorism that followed, the assassinations of the civil rights era, the police killings of today — has created a feeling of futility.

Sean Collins, writing in Vox

I don’t know who Sean Collins is. I do know what he is. He is a liar who misstates and obfuscates the facts. Far more black folks are killed by black criminals, but in his world that doesn’t count. Yeah there was slavery and lynchings in American history. But not across the board. Let’s give credit where credit is due. The democrats are the party of slavery, segregation and lynchings. They struggle mightily to go back to the good old days by keeping blacks down on the welfare plantation.

It is an article of democrat faith that people of color aren’t smart enough to control their own lives. That’s the reason government, controlled by democrats, needs to be expanded.

democrats aren’t allowed to lynch people anymore. They have had to content themselves with abortion. In New York City more black women had abortions than live births. In Collins’ universe Sanger is a hero. George Washington, not so much.

Collins provides no facts, or numbers. He spouts opinionated bullshit with no basis established. I’m not a fan of polls but at least the polls cited by Power Line give a basis for the stated conclusions.

A 2015 Gallup poll found that black adults who believed police treated black people unfairly were also more likely to desire a larger police presence in their local area than those who thought police treated black people fairly.

From Power Line Blog

When asked, “How satisfied are you with the job your local police department does,” 21 percent said “very satisfied,” 51 percent said somewhat satisfied, 12 percent said somewhat dissatisfied, and only 5 percent said that they were “very” dissatisfied. These results do not suggest a complete endorsement of contemporary policing, as many blacks report negative interactions. Yet nearly three-quarters of surveyed African-Americans report themselves satisfied with their local police departments.

Power Line

Some folks, of today, are waxing nostalgic. They are comparing events of today with the 1960’s. I guess that works for me. The reality is that the SDS, Weather Underground, Black Panthers and Symbionese Liberation Army all went to the black community to help the community throw off white oppression. The offer was refused.

The thing that really disturbs me is the case of Breonna Taylor. Apparently nobody else noticed. Breonna was a 26 year old paramedic. She was killed in her own home, on March 13, 2020, by Louisville Police officers. She was an innocent. The shooting made local news. It was, for the most part, ignored by BLM and the national media.

On May 25, 2020, more than two months after Breonna Taylor was killed, a convicted felon and shithead about town, George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police. He wasn’t an innocent. He was in the commission of a felony. His death didn’t have to happen. He was an old hand at getting arrested. He knew how to do it. I have no problem stating that the police screwed up.

Breonna became important after this piece of human garbage, George Floyd, was killed. Only then does plight of Breonna Taylor come into the national spotlight. This was over two months after her death.

This isn’t the first time BLM has tried to manipulate the news with false equivalency. In 2017 BLM tried to include Harambe, a male Western lowland silverback gorilla in a list of unarmed black males killed by police.

The message from BLM and the MSM is loud and clear. If you are black, work hard, pay your bills and are part of the establishment (EMS) then you ain’t shit. I don’t buy that.

The entire community lost a valuable member with the death of Breonna Taylor. She doesn’t deserve to be lumped in with a turd like Floyd.

Jesse Jackson has been beating the race hustling drum for fifty years, what has he accomplished? Follow the money.

Black Felons Matter, BFM