Some people were upset by this Home Delivery by Amazon. There are some positive aspects.

  1. A sense of tradition. Forty-five- Fifty years ago, about this time we would go to New York City. It was different from Massachusetts, different food, different landscape, and different habits. One thing that stood out, because it made no sense were the signs along every street that said “Curb your Dog this made absolutely no sense to me. Later they added a pictograph (below) then it made sense.

Forty years later here we have a delivery driver practicing what the signs preach. Whoever says recent immigrants can’t be assimilated is lying.

2.There is no evidence of toilet paper so some work in the assimilation area needs.

3. Safety First! Worker was equipped with a safety vest, that she continued to wear.

There are some negative aspects to consider also:

  1. People and bears have been shitting in the woods since time immemorial. I’m not sure a turd at the curb calls for a HazMat response.
  2. In some third world countries shitting in the woods is normal. To make a big deal of it is Racissssssst!

On the bright side, this story seems to fall well within the ability of the MSM to report. This could be Pulitzer material.