Nomination For Hero Badge

Some activity people engage in is criminal and should be treated as a criminal offense. Other activity is tasteless, provocative, utterly lacking in any redeeming quality but is not criminal and should not be treated as such. I firmly believe that people who persist in such non-criminal conduct deserve an ass whooping as often as possible, until such time as they stop showing their faces in public. The Al Frankens, Bradley Mannings and Beau Bergdahls come to mind as examples of the later. It sounds like Robert Paul Edwards would be comfortable in such company.

Edwards of Mexico Beach, Florida drew the sketch below on a child’s homework assignment. It was turned in and turned over to the Gulf Coast Sheriff’s office. This may not be common knowledge but there are still parts of Florida waiting to see their first Yankee and I suspect that Port St Joe is one of those places. My guess, is that the Sheriff will argue that the sketch was so provocative it caused an official response justifying an arrest for Terroristic Threat. Nice try, but no. Sorry Sheriff not your fight.

Doodles lead to criminal charges.

The problem is that an over response, or the filing of bogus charges make Edwards the winner and allow him and others like him to drape themselves in the flag and quote the First Amendment of a document they thoroughly despise. His drawing is protected under the First Amendment. To be considered a legitimate threat it would have to be imminent and directed at a specific target. I don’t see it.

Government cannot do everything, nor should we expect it to. Ax handles can be had for under five bucks at Lowes. Think back to yesteryear the feel of a good piece of hickory in hand, and a deal of work to be done. NO HEAD SHOTS. Still need motivation? Consider it to be an aerobic workout.