Black Incompetence Matters

The Baton Rouge and New York cop shooting black men along with earlier examples from Ferguson and Sanford all contain similar elements, over and above the obvious of black men coming out second best during confrontations. In case you are not familiar with the New York incident here is the story and a brief video, New York Road Rage.

An off duty New York Police Officer was on his way home. Another driver felt like he had been cut off and decided retaliation was the only solution.  At the first available opportunity the offended driver, fittingly named Small approached the officer, Issacs, at a traffic light.  Witnesses state that Small punched Issacs several times.  Issacs responded by shooting Small several times. Small staggered off to die in the gutter.

A video has been found that shows the shooting.  The press is in a feeding frenzy because the elapsed time Small spent at Issacs window is very short. This apparently justifies ignoring the physical injuries to Issacs and the witness statements regarding the assault.  It also ignores that the preliminary approach/assault of Issacs by Smalls is virtually indistinguishable from the opening gambit of a car jacking, which is a felony.

What do these incidents share? Black men who are incapable of living in a civilized environment meet their ends because they are equally incompetent as crooks.  BLM would have us ignore the opening gambit performed by these heroes.  You first need to remember that BLM got its start at Mizzou with black students complaining that academic standards and courses were too demanding for black students.  Maybe it should be Black Incompetence Matters (BIM).

Let’s review:  Treyvon Martin fails Mugging 101 when he is shot during an unprovoked attack.

Saint Michael Brown is shot after attacking a police officer twice, while making his escape from a strong armed robbery, a block away by walking down the middle of the street and cussing the cop.

Alton Sterling despite being involved in a confrontation that he knew would cause a police response, decided to hang around.  The fact that he was a convicted felon in possession of a pistol, that he had just purchased wasn’t sufficient motivation to get him to move.  There are indications that there may have been active felony warrants for his arrest, yet he stayed.  Then to show he hadn’t run out of stupid he resisted arrest.

Did his illegal gun come into play? I don’t know.  It looks like the police pulled it out of his right front pants pocket.  If the officer who shot him had a reasonable belief that Sterling had established control of the gun, even though it was in his pocket, that may be enough to justify the subsequent shooting. This is where it gets sticky. The shooter has the right to believe his partner.  If his partner lied, or misspoke this may not undermine the shooter’s belief that his actions are reasonable and necessary.

BLM  BIM is adept at misdirection plays.  They demand justice for deceased thugs while denying the right of their victims to go peaceably about their business.  By BIM standards black males have a constitutional right to cause havoc, at the slightest provocation and the rest of us have no recourse but to take it.  I won’t tolerate that behavior in a two year old, let alone an adult. Look at the whole picture and a reasonable person could rightly conclude all of these thugs are in a better place.

At the same time Police officers have an obligation to fairly and impartially enforce the law.  Implicit in that concept is the the citizen will abide by their obligations to follow the law and not assault the officer. I have no problem with the concept, but would point out that when the fists start flying it is easy to lose sight of concepts.

I spent the better part of ten years chasing mid-level to upper-level crack cocaine dealers on the East side of San Antonio.The offenders were almost exclusively black, it seems that crack dealers practice racial profiling. I stayed on the East side for two reasons.  The Task Force had money available to pay for information that led to an arrest. I couldn’t give this money away. Secondly, many of my informants were “good citizens”.  They usually had enough information to indicate that they had a problem but not enough to justify action.  I started to educate my good citizens, explaining that they needed to take notes, dates, times, descriptions of activity and people, license numbers of cars.  I tried this with callers from all quadrants of the city.

The only people that ever called me back were on the East side.  Boy did they call, not only the original caller, but the neighbors to either side, across the street, aunts and grandmothers. I told them I had money.  Their reply was always the same, “Keep your money, get these people out of my neighborhood.” With their help, I did.  Much as I wanted to play a cut rate Sonny Crockett and throw money at topless dancers, I stayed on the east side where I was needed.