You Can’t Make This Shit Up…

California to Ban Sales of New Gas-Powered Cars Starting in 2035

Governor says widespread adoption of zero-emission vehicles will reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and help to combat climate change

The headline is from the Wall Street Journal. Unfortunately, the story is behind a paywall. That’s Okay. The Babylon Bee supplies the narrative in their report.

The scary thing is the Babylon Bee is a site dedicated to the satirical reporting of news. In this instance, they failed. The satirical observation, isn”t. California cannot supply enough electricity to consumers as it is. The idiot governor wants to increase electricity consumption by requiring everybody drive electric cars.

I can see this coming.

California Hot rods 2035
Future rush hour in California, 2035

You can’t put one over on the California Governor. He has a solution!

I have decided that where blame needs to be attached. I have the perfect scapegoat. All of the excesses and screwups attributed to California can all be attributed to one cause.

It’s San Andreas fault!
Come on earthquake, please, please, please