Would Be Virginia Legislator, Hard at Work Soliciting Campaign Funds

Susan Gibson, a political candidate in Virginia, claims that the widespread dissemination of the porn videos that SHE posted on a pay-per-view site is revenge porn. Here she is hard at work soliciting funds for her campaign.


The usual suspects line up in support of her claim. That she is a victim. Check out this howler from the New York Slimes Times:

The Times, for its part, told readers that, while peddling opposition research may be common on political campaigns, this sort of opposition research is “highly unusual.”

New York Times

THANK GOD! Can you imagine if such fund-raising tactics were commonplace? Imagine these politicians naked?

Reminds me of a cartoon featured in Playboy. A prostitute is speaking with a police detective. She complains, “I didn’t know I was raped, until the check bounced.” Mrs. Gibson is voicing a similar complaint. It isn’t that her dirty pictures are on the net. The problem arises because the folks now viewing those pictures didn’t pay for the privilege.