Who Was That Masked Man?

The MSM has no worries about credibility. They know they lost that long ago.

Here is a double banger. A reporter doing a stand-up report decrying the great unwashed going about without masks. The second link pretty much establishes that the general wearing of masks serves no useful purpose.

Question: Why wear a mask?
Answer: To show how deeply I care and to signal how virtuous I am.

It should be no surprise. The reporter rants about the lack of masks in front of the camera. Neither his photographer or sound man are wearing masks.

Don’t look behind the camera.

The science is settled. Political science says the only way the democrats win is if the shut down continues and the economy stays in the tank.

Virtue Signaling

Those who don’t remember history are destined to repeat it. I seem to recall a time when a government mandated certain accessories be worn by the population.