When You Put it That Way…

Power Line is a blog I read every day. On Fridays they have a guest column by a contributor who writes under the name Ammo Grrrll. Haven’t got the time or inclination to read a blog every day? Tune in to Power Line on Friday. It is worth the effort.

This week Ammo Grrrll puts government action and experts into context.

Respected medical personnel flaunting medical degrees in stuff like “epidemiology” and “infectious diseases” – and never forget that SOMEBODY was last in every class at med school — tell us that we have a couple of options:

Ammo Grrrll, Power Line Blog

The problem with modeling is the bottom line is determined by the information input and the methodology used to analyze the data. Lacking that information, either method (below) is equally valid.

It may seem like a trivial point to some, but when your government lets out hardened and dangerous criminals so they don’t get flu – very nearly including the Green River serial killer who murdered 48 women — but sends “undercover sting” operatives to suss out illegal nail painters and hairdressers, it may be time for a massive coordinated march on every statehouse. 

Ammo Grrrll, Power Line Blog
Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is 80 years old. Does anybody believe that she hasn’t seen a hairdresser in the past month? Social distancing, it’s for the little people.