Nomination For A Hero Badge

History Repeats Itself

In the public imagination the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) represents the best and the brightest. Talk to an old school street cop and they are likely to respond that FBI stands for Fucking Bunch of Idiots. Some may clean it up to Famous But Incompetent. The point is that the allegations of FBI misconduct in the investigation of General Flynn is just the same old, same old.

Lying and dishonesty is an institutional value of the FBI.

Did you hear the one about the FBI railroading of three innocent men, in Boston, back in 1965? Howie Carr has the story at the link.

A Long Tradition

The trial and wrongful conviction of the four men happened long before Robert Mueller came on the scene. However, by the time Mueller joined the Boston United States Attorney Office the innocence of the four men was common knowledge on both sides of the Boston criminal community.

Mueller wrote letters to the parole board opposing parole.

Eventually, the two of the murder defendants had their day in court. Two of the defendants died in prison. The remaining two and families of the deceased inmates prevailed at the civil trial.

Beginning in the 80’s John Connolly renewed his acquaintance with Whitey Bulger. They grew up in the same housing project. Bulger was the leader of the Winter Hill Gang. Connolly was an FBI agent. Bulger had a side job as an FBI informant.

Boston organized crime was notable in that there was no Mafia Godfather in residence. Raymond Patriarca controlled the “New England Mob” from Providence Rhode Island. Bulger was supposed to report on Patriarca Family activities.

Wikipedia the lazy man’s reference has a rundown on the relationship. To lazy to read? There are two movies that give the general idea.

Black Mass (film)
The Departed

Bulger was finally captured after years on the run. He was convicted and later murdered in prison. John Connolly was convicted of murder and is serving his sentence in Florida. Look around and one might find a support site for Connolly run by former FBI agents who bemoan his fate.

Yeah, but… That is all old history. The FBI learned its lesson. Yup, sure did. The government wrote a check for $101 million and promised a Federal Judge and Congress that they wouldn’t run murderers as snitches. Except, at the link.

Apparently what the FBI meant and the judge misunderstood was that the FBI wouldn’t run Winter Hill gang members as snitches.

The FBI got caught using Mark Rossetti as an informant. This time it was Howie Carr’s competitors at the Boston Globe that broke the story. Here is the lead.

Mark Rossetti, a suspect in at least six homicides, was used as an FBI informant for two decades, ostensibly because he was a reputed capo regime in the Mafia in Boston,

I can understand why the MSM, Justice Department, Congress are not particularly upset with the FBI treatment of General Flynn. After all, it is only news when man bites dog.