What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Jake, from State Farm

I have a problem with the premise for this commercial. Random idiots confront Jake. They can’t believe that the deal he set them up with is widely available. Instead they are sure that he cut them in on a special deal.

Quid Pro Quo

They then proceed to shower him with gifts. Pictured is the clerk loading him up with steaks. In another a pizza delivery girl loads him up with pizzas, wings, and drinks. I get the feeling that they are rewarding him with other people’s (their employer’s) stuff. Where does the idea that in order to obtain honest service at a competitive price, the fix has to be in?

Stupid question. democrats

Kerry flying commercial, Masks for thee but not for me…..
Need a vaccination? Tell em you’re family. New York, Gov Cuomo


I tried signing up for the Chinese flu vaccination, but I’m in Texas. So it isn’t available. I mentioned that to somebody and the next thing I know I had a reservation. Got my first shot yesterday. It turns out I jumped the line. The shot was only available to families of people employed at a local hospital. I have no problem with the concept. It doesn’t do to protect health practitioners at work only to have them be infected at home. I don’t fit into the target population. But I knew somebody.

OH well, I got mine.