What Were They Thinking?

The wackos are batting 500 in the Orwellian follies. In California, a court ruled that bees are fish. In New York a court ruled that Happy the elephant in not human. What were they thinking?

The California decision has got Bert and Ernie, “which one of these aren’t like the other?” saying “what the fuck?”
Honey Bee
Carp, in California they are one and the same.

I don’t know, birds and the carp just aren’t the same as birds and the bees.

A New York judge handed the wackos a defeat. Wackos attempted to get Happy the elephant declared a person. This was an effort to get the Bronx Zoo to release her. Just what New York needs another homeless person shitting in the street.

Happy the Elephant

I don’t understand how even a liberal can confuse an elephant with a person. I mean the differences are obvious…. uh never mind. I guess it depends on who one hangs out with.

Not always!
Sometimes it’s elephant shit!