What Might Have Been

Dead Pimp Wins Election in Nevada

Every once in a while dead voters get together and elect a dead politician to represent their interests. It happened in Nevada Tuesday. Dennis Hof, a dead pimp, won his election to the Nevada Assembly. Hof, a Republican, owned and ran whorehouses in Nevada.

Some folks would take exception to his election. There may be a tendency  to blame the electorate as being uniformed and stupid for electing a dead man. They would be wrong. The alternative was to vote for the democrat. By electing Hof the voters have given the Republican Governor the power to appoint a replacement. In this case, a dead Republican was a far better choice than a live democrat.

With BJ Bill Clinton, the serial rapist, John, “I’m just a gigolo”Kerry, and Robert,”Come here little girl” Menendez as stars of the opposition, democrats have no room to talk. A dead Pimp occupies a higher moral plane than they can achieve.

It is too bad that Hof died. If the Nevada Assembly is anything like Congress, his passing represents a missed opportunity. Being a pimp would have given him the skills to manage an organization comprised of political whores. What might have been.