Voter Fraud, Real and Imagined

Did democrats fix the Presidential election results? Of course they did, it is what they do. Was the fix enough to throw the election to a senile long time political hack and mild mannered pervert? It doesn’t matter. In fact, the fraud likely wasn’t intended to change the results of one election. The democrats had an eye on a bigger prize. Undermine all elections, at all levels, local state, and federal.

Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it. In the sixties and early seventies James Angleton was head of Counter Intelligence for the CIA. Angleton was considered brilliant. He began his spy career in the OSS during WWII. He made the transition to the CIA when it was created.

James Jesus Angleton, CIA Counter Intelligence Chief
Angleton became convinced that the Soviets had planted a “mole” in the upper ranks of the CIA. He became obsessed with finding the infiltrator. Ironically, Angleton was mentored by Kim Philby of MI-6 during WWII. The relationship continued until the early 60’s when Philby defected to the Soviet Union.

Depending upon who you listen to, Angleton paralyzed the CIA during his search. Information regarding Soviet efforts were discounted as disinformation while questionable information was accepted at face value. The hunt for the mole undermined U.S. intelligence gathering efforts. Was there a Soviet mole? It really didn’t matter, the fiction was just as effective.

MI-6 experienced similar problem, only they identified their mole: Kim Philby and the Cambridge Spy Ring. A fictional version of the hunt was made famous by John LeCarre recounted in his trilogy Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy; The Honorable Schoolboy and Smiley’s People. The main difference is that British found their moles. Fifty years later the CIA still wonders, was there or wasn’t there a mole.

Here we are, all these years later. Is Biden the legitimately elected President? Was the election stolen or not? The democrats don’t want to know, the Republicans are too scared to find out. The public is left thinking government and politicians are corrupt. The only thing sure is that, according to Willie Brown, the former boss of Kameltoe Harris is that she gives good head.