Vote For Me!

Politicians, the world over, all all the same. Not exactly! In the news is a Brazilian politician who has got folks riled up. Here is a photo of her when she showed up for her swearing in ceremony.

Actually, since I was in a political state of mind, I first hearkened back to a quote of Teddy Roosevelt’s. Well, maybe not an exact quote. I kinda lost my train of thought. At any rate, what came to mind was Teddy’s: “Speak softly and carry a big stick…”

Not exactly a big stick, but… I figured she was an anomaly.

Brazilian politician Ana Paula da Silva

A newly minted Brazilian senator has faced backlash on social media for wearing a revealing outfit at her inauguration ceremony. She insists that the way she dresses has nothing to do with her job and now wants to bring her cyber bullies to justice.
Ana Paula da Silva, known locally as Paulinha, wants to prosecute those who targeted her with hateful comments, and pundits say she could have the law on her side.
The freshman senator entered the international spotlight earlier this week after photos emerged of her attending a swearing-in ceremony at the Legislative Assembly of the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina.

I did some research and came up with some other noteworthy politicians. None from the United States.


Maria Carfagna
Nicole Minetti


Vanja Hadzovi

United States

Nancy Pelosi

This was the best approximation I could find of a Pelosi cheesecake shot.