Unjustly Accused!

White House the Scene of Biological Attack


NEWS YOU CAN USE! Hard hitting journalism at its best.

The MSM is reporting that one of the Biden dogs dropped a turd on a White House carpet. There were apparently no witnesses. Such is the state of the Presidency and the MSM. What did the President do today? Don’t know but one of the dogs shit on the carpet.” Or did they?

There were apparently no witnesses. Three things occur to me. (1) Why is this newsworthy? (2) Have you seen some of the denizens in Basement Joe’s White House? (3) From what I’ve seen the dogs are closely supervised. So which pooch pinched a loaf should be obvious. Could it be…? COVERUP!

Stop the presses! TURDGATE! Hard charging reporters want to know.

  • Did a White House human drop a load and attempt to blame it on the dogs?
  • Has the turd been submitted for DNA testing to determine the culprit?
  • If not, why?
  • Is this event considered to be a biological attack? Is it terror related?
  • “Did Joe shit his pants and blame it on the dogs?

The Roosevelt administration had, “All we have to fear is fear itself…

Truman came up with, “”The buck stops here…

So far Basement Joe has, “What was that I stepped in?”