Two Inaugurations?

I wasn’t aware that there were two inaugurations. There was one where Biden was surrounded by troops, and police. The “People” were kept at bay. Only sycophant’s were allowed to attend. Then there was the speech, disjointed with numerous flubs and malapropisms, according to one observer. Fox News’ Chris Wallace maintains it was the greatest speech ever! I guess with politicians the bar for excellence is so low that both observations do not conflict. Power Line starts things off.

Two takes on the Biden circus that you won’t see in the MSM.

Two paragraphs of coherence before the left side of his mouth drops down like he’s having a mini-stroke. Twenty minutes of gasping and croaking, the words sliding out of the other side of his mouth without rhythm or sense, the pin eyes visibly lost and fearful. And the inevitable flubs and malapropisms — ‘rural and Ural’ instead of ‘rural and urban.’ Xi and Putin and Rouhani will be quaking in their boots, once they stop laughing. A great politician knows how to lie. Biden doesn’t even know what he’s saying.

Dominic Green, PhD, FRHistS is a critic, historian and the deputy editor of The Spectator’s US edition. 

There were no crowds, just soldiers. After the military and police contingent, the second largest group there for the inauguration weren’t Biden’s civilian supporters, but his propagandists. With few people, the media had to work twice as hard to manufacture the illusion that this was a popular leader taking office instead of a usurper imposed by Amazon, Google, Facebook, and the rest of the political, cultural, and economic oligarchy which owns the media on America.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist

Fox News and Chris Wallace had this to say:

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace told the conservative network’s viewers Wednesday that President Joe Biden’s inaugural address was the best he’d ever heard. Declaring “democracy has prevailed,” Biden called on Americans to show tolerance and humility to “end this uncivil war that pits red against blue, rural versus urban, conservative versus liberal.” “I thought it was a great speech,” Wallace said, quoting that call for unity.

Chris Wallace, Fox News

Does this sufficiently rehabilitate Fox News or are they still bad?

Meanwhile in Portland, Seattle, Denver, Chicago ANTIFA turned out to note Biden’s ascension to office. Now that the dems are in control it will be interesting to see if the definition of peaceful protest changes.

Joe, its working! ANTIFA and conservatives find common ground in order to come together.
William Henry Harrison, 9th U.S. President (for 31 days)

The first milestone of the Biden Presidency will be: will he outlast William Henry Harrison? Be afraid Joe, be very afraid. Look who is waiting in the wings.

Official Portrait of Vice President Kamal toe Harris.