Liberals Can Justify Anything

Trump has left office. He didn’t resign. His term ended and he left. Sure 25,000 armed troops occupied the Capitol, but Trump didn’t call them. Basement Joe did. Nancy Pelosi and her congress critters impeached Trump on his way out. Some of the terms used in impeachment are the same used in criminal and civil prosecutions, trial, conviction, witnesses and testimony. But impeachment is a political process, designed to remove an office holder. Trump is gone. Other terms come into play like: moot and venue.

Ammo Grrrll found a precedent for prosecuting an office holder no longer extant. It would seem to apply in Trump’s situation. Afterall, can anybody not inhabiting the swamp of Washington be said to be alive?
She explains:

Never mind that the language of the Constitution seems to preclude the second impeachment of Trump, Liberals and democrats don’t need to follow the law. They know better. They claim that impeachment is called for in order to preclude any attempt of Trump to run again. Let me introduce you to this guy.

Alcee Hastings

From Breitbart:
U.S. District Judge Alcee L. Hastings was convicted by the Senate yesterday of engaging in a “corrupt conspiracy” to extort a $150,000 bribe in a case before him, marking the first time a federal official has been impeached and removed from office for a crime he had been acquitted of by a jury.

Yup, the impeachment worked so well Hastings went from being a corrupt U.S. District Judge to being a corrupt Congressman, elected to Florida’s 23rd Congressional District and reelected 13 times.

That will show him.

Going back to the example cited by Ammo Grrrll at least Trump doesn’t have to worry about being thrown in the river. That would violate the Clean Water Act.