The New Normal

The problem with the Internet is many things that appear on-line are simply not true or represent a one off. It could never happen here. Oh yeah… Coming to a school near you.

FREAKS! Multiple parents ready to fight – School district hostile when confronted with policy to let students identify and act like furries.

Furry: Fetish: One who has an interest (small or large) of anthropomorphic animals (animals who have a human qualities be it simply talking or having a human-like body)

Merriam Webster

Here is one blogger’s experience with furry’s and the Waunakee School District.

Yeah but, it can’t happen here. Hold my beer… St Mary’s Hall is an exclusive private prep school in San Antonio. Parents pay in excess of $20,000. That does not include incidental expenses. Here is a link to the tuition rates:

What does one get for the money?

A parent for a twelve-year-old girl, who attends St Mary’s Hall, had this to report. During a health and wellness class all of the students were required to self-identify their sexual preference. Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or furry. There may have been other combinations but those were the ones reported. The teacher went round robin requiring each student to answer.

One girl, obviously a troublemaker replied, “I’m normal.”

This caused the teacher to snap, “All the choices are normal.”

Student: Look teacher, I’m rubbing shit in my hair!

Teacher: My aren’t you creative!

Reality is relative