Should Have Seen This Coming

Gridlock in Intersectionality

The idea of intersectionality is that groups that have a common enemy should ban together to address their grievances. It doesn’t matter if the individual causes are mutually exclusive or in direct opposition to one another. The theory crashes and burns because it doesn’t account for human interactions.

Abbie Hoffman would be so proud. Intersectionality is not about building consensus. It is about the “sound bite” and playing to the media. Ten losers gathered on a street corner to protest is not worthy of notice. Ten losers each, from ten marginal groups, and standing together, is a media event. It is about the visual impact. The message doesn’t even have to make sense. The talking heads of the MSM will talk over the images and put their own spin on things. Trust them.

The problem with intersectionality is the basic conflict within nonconformity. There are rules to being a nonconformist. Who knew? Disparate nonconformist groups show up, each with their own definition of nonconformity.

The nonconformist groups can’t agree on what is and isn’t nonconformist. One group’s nonconformity is another groups example of bourgeoisie middle class values. What’s an anarchist to do?

Follow Jerry! Jerry Rubin was one of the original Chicago Seven. (Long hair bearded insert). He cleaned up his act and became a stockbroker. The guy in the tie holding the picture. A rebel to the end, he ignored the crosswalk outside his Los Angeles apartment. He became a hood ornament for a passing vehicle and died two weeks later.

The shenanigans of the various dysfunctional groups that make up the Edmonton Pride Festival illustrate the basic fallacy of intersectionality and liberalism. There will always be leaders and followers and the struggle to change one’s status within that metric never ends.