Reparations Bill

The more I think about it, I’m in favor of the reparations bill. Who couldn’t use a little extra unearned cash? By the way did I mention that I now identify as Afro-American? Biology, science, historical record, doesn’t matter. It all depends on how one feels, at any given time. I don’t hear liberals challenging these clowns.

I’m entitled. I read about slavery. I find the “institution” abhorrent. I saw pictures of folks chopping cotton. I wouldn’t want to do that. I was forced to attend a segregated elementary school. Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen….

I’m black, Indian (feather not dot), a girl trust me…

To call these folks frauds is, wait for it…. Racist or sexist or both.

Poor AOC, she missed the bus. There is no category for great tits, no brains.

AOC, who needs brains, with tits like these?

Then again….

Scarecrow from Wizard of OZ got a handout.

Give me may reparations! Anybody who questions my sincerity is RACIST, SEXIST, FASCIST!