Liberal Racism

More proof that liberals are more racist than the KKK ever hoped to be. This article in the Manhattan Contrarian discusses the liberal theory that math is racist. I had no idea that my third grade teacher was a bigot of the first order when she demanded that: “I show my work.” This according to “Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction,” it noted White supremacy culture shows up in math classrooms when. . . Students are required to “show their work” in only one way. At the link:

At the root of this train of thought, according to the blog is the view that holds in: the utter contempt in which the self-anointed elites of our country hold members of minority groups, most particularly African Americans. Somehow, these elites — or at least some very substantial number of them — have decided that African Americans are not capable of accepting personal responsibility in life or of being treated like adults.

I guess it would be racist of me to observe that all the minority drug dealers that I dealt with demonstrated a high degree of proficiency in converting English measurement units to Metric in their heads.

This study offers a double dip. If minority students don’t learn it isn’t the teacher’s fault! It also plays into the mind set that it is racist to demand that a liberal demonstrate the basis for their disordered thinking. Requiring an explanation is RACIST!

When you need a racist scumbag, find a liberal.