Rain Drops?

Just the threat of spraying Holy water is enough to make liberal heads explode. Next time the democrats and their fellow travelers decide to have a mass demonstration, have crop dusters circling overhead.

One deep pocket conservative just has to announce that he/she is willing to finance the “Holy Water Express” and that ought to do it.

How to drive a liberal crazy, Brilliant!

A parish Priest blessed a tank of holy water, loaded it into a crop duster, flew over the town and opened the spray jets.

Who knows? Maybe libs will react in much the same manner as Linda Blair in the Exorcist. Between the projectile vomiting, open sores and heads spinning. That will make it easy to identify them.

Reaction to Holy Water

The downfall to the whole plan is finding a Priest that doesn’t support gay marriage, abortion and open borders, to bless the holy water.

On the other hand, a fundamentalist preacher with a bullhorn could initiate a mass Baptism as the crop duster circles the crowd. I like it!

The plane, the plane…