Most Incontinent President Ever

President Poopy Pants meets the Pope.

Rumor has it that President Poopy Pants shit himself during a meeting with the Pope. Poopy Pants supporters deny it. There is a simple way to confirm or deny the rumor. Check the upholstered white chair for skid marks. The Vatican is in Italy. There is a precedent for such a move. Italian mothers have been known to parade through the streets on the morning after their daughters wedding. They would display, with great fanfare, the bloody sheets from daughter’s marital bed. This was supposed to be proof that daughter was a virgin.

In this case all it would take is one guy carrying the chair through the streets of Vatican City.

Skid marks or not?

Anybody can have an accident, especially geriatrics like the pair pictured above. However, current events may trigger a reevaluation of past reports from the White House. Remember this?

President Poopy Pants and the Poopygate Cover Up

According to the New York Post story (above) White House staffers discovered a turd “in the hallway outside the Palm Room doors in front of the Diplomatic Room,” The turd was attributed to one of the two White House dogs. Neither was observed in the act. The evidence was quickly cleaned up and hauled away for disposal.

Unjustly accused?

I have sent a bunch of lowlifes to prison for a variety of depraved acts. None of them would stoop to scapegoat a dog and blame the animal for a turd that they dropped. In the case of the White House turd, nobody took photographs. DNA was not collected. No experts were consulted to render an opinion between dog shit and Joe Biden shit. Inquiring minds want to know…did President Poopy pants shit on the floor and blame the dogs? Just how low will the democrats go?

The cover up continued and expanded. Three months later, Champ one of President Poopy Pants dogs died, suddenly. The White House characterized the death as “natural causes.” Could it be that Champ was about to spill the beans by talking with Bob Woodward? Recall that Woodward was able to obtain a confession from William Casey even though Casey was unable to speak at the time. Maybe, like Dr. Doolittle, Woodward had developed the ability to talk with the animals. I guess when one presents a threat to a democrat, death is a predictable and natural consequence.

How far the democrats have fallen. Roosevelt promised a chicken in every pot. Best we can hope for from President Poopy Pants is free Depends.