Misdirection Play

The MSM, that drooling idiot John Kerry, and President Plausible, the guy with no clothes, but doesn’t his suit fit well?  Are at it again, they would have you believe that America’s previous history with immigrants is no different than previous migrations.  The proposed influx of would be  immigrants terrorists from the Middle East is just more of the same.

People you should have learned this in Sesame Street.  Burt and Ernie, “Which one of these things is not like the other?” This is by no means a comprehensive or entirely accurate list. But let’s look at immigration into the United States:

Pilgrims, not crazy about the Church of England.  American didn’t exist as far as they were concerned they were moving to the suburbs.

Lord Baltimore, William Penn and John Smith company, are gonna make a killing in land speculation.

Hessians went where King George told them to go, killed who he told them to kill, many decided when it was over to stay in America.

French, in it for the money fought the British in America, then again they fought the British everywhere else.

Slaves, screwed up trusted their leaders, wound up on a slow boat to America. Without slavery would have ended up as Hyena chow in Africa.  Haven’t figured out black leaders are still selling them out 400 years later.

Germans, Poles, Czechoslovakians sent their trouble makers and freethinkers to America as part of a contemplated land swindle.  Thought about setting up a German confederation in Texas but decided to go back and consolidate Germany.

Chinese economic opportunity and the chance to remain among the living.  Not mad at America. Not happy with Chinese leadership but not mad at anybody in America.

Irish, not crazy about the English or potatoes.  Came to America because it was better than starving.  Created Tammany Hall and have not produced an honest politician ever since.

Italians, heard there was a dearth of Italian restaurants and came to fill the void.

Second immigration of Italians, Eastern Europeans, Armenians and Jews. Armenians discovered the downside of Turkish rule, figured one genocide was enough.

Now let’s look at the denizens of the Middle East.  The current crop prays daily for the demise of the Great Satan, the United States.  They state given any opportunity that they hate the west and all that it represents.  Finds it perfectly acceptable to lie, cheat, steal and kill non-Muslims.  Rejects western laws and culture with no intent to assimilate. Advocates killing Americans anytime anyplace. Do we really need 7-11 clerks that bad?

I may be a little off on the motivation. So like Burt and Ernie would point out previous immigration movements are not like the current one. Even if it isn’t obvious to John Kerry and President Plausible, the comparison between the two groups is not valid.  American represented a place of opportunity for the first group.  For the second group American represents the killing fields.

Does that mean that there is no comparison for a Syrian migration to America. Well, yes and no.  If you want a model that may predict the future, look at the American experience with the Native Americans, Timeline of Indian Battles with US . The situation was reversed in that Anglo Saxons, African (Americans) Spanish, Portuguese, Italians, Scandinavians and Germans were the immigrants. The native peoples had a culture that conflicted with European culture.  There was very little compromise between the two. Starting to sound familiar? Beginning in 1622 and continuing until 1890 the United States fought various Indian tribes.  If you think our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan was drawn out, it took 268 years for the Indian Was fighting to end.  The Indians didn’t have the benefit of John Kerry trying to give them nuclear weapons.

I think it is a little hypocritical for the typical liberals to demand what is in effect open borders, yet insist on locking their doors.