Nomination for a Hero Badge

The AP is reporting that Special Branch of Scotland Yard has issued an apology for the actions of their Undercover, undercovers.  It seems like some officers while acting in an undercover capacity investigating animal rights and other terrorist organizations, formed romantic relationships with female members of the organizations under investigation.  Some of these liaisons resulted in children.

Illicit organizations have often required that members perform criminal or sexual acts, under the theory that police officers can not participate in such acts. That may work at some levels, but not others. The apology was in partial response to the settlement of a lawsuit filed by a number of sluts who felt their reputation was damaged once it was discovered that they had been screwing the man.  This is kind of like a prostitute stating,”I didn’t know I was raped, until the check bounced.”

Just goes to show that there is some truth in that old undercover saying,”I have followed a stiff dick into places I would be afraid to take a SWAT team.”