Libertarianism, Not Quite Ready for Mainstream

Just when you thought there might be a port to shield you from the storm, in the form of the Libertarian Party, a story like this comes along.  A Florida candidate for U.S. Senate Augustus Sol Invictus has been accused of having a unique diet

Augustus Sol Invictus, I’m betting the kid that sat next to him in fifth grade knew him by another name, is accused of slaughtering a goat and drinking its blood in a pagan ritual. Using this criteria for candidate selection, Andrew Zimmerman of “Bizarre Foods” TV series doesn’t stand a chance of running for office.

Oh by the way, as an aside, one person also accused him of being a fascist, attempting to recruit neo-nazis into the Libertarian movement and advocating a second civil war. Another example of ,”if it bleeds it leads.” These allegations are not important to the “The Washington Free Beacon”.  

Given the choice of topics; culinary peculiarities or advocate for civil war, I opted to find out more about Invictus’s politics. Seemed reasonable to me, this being a political story.  Five minutes searching and a double header one story leads to another.  For background try Invictus communication reported in the Business and Financial Post.  Above the Law Blog has the letter that Augustus Sol Invictus wrote when he closed his law practice.  He sent this letter to a wide variety of people Practice closing His timing couldn’t have been worse coming on the heels of the Boston Marathon bombing. Apparently the closing never took place, it is a going concern in Orlando, Florida.

I really don’t care what this guy had for lunch three years ago, the beginning premise of this story.  In fact, given his manifesto, his diet may be the most normal thing about him.  However, you wouldn’t know any of that because an enterprising reporter might have to surf the Internet for something other than porn.  Naw, never happen.

When all of this information is taken together, Invictus is almost as rational as Ron Paul and a couple of steps behind Rand Paul.  Just when you start thinking Libertarian, maybe, a guy like this takes center stage and poof the thought is gone.