Liberal Logic

I found this on Ace of Spades blog. The article is longer and I was unable to link to it. I think this captures the essence of the article. The sentiments expressed can be expanded to other areas of fuzzy liberal thinking.

John Hayward/Doc 0: Why Does the Left Think the Talking Point That an Armed American Citizenry Could Never Cause a Problem for the American Military, When They’re Constantly Boasting About Third World Revolutionaries Defeating American Military Forces?


Great point.

The left is always claiming that we mustn’t go to war in this shithole country or that one, because peasant militias can always defeat Colonialist Invaders.

But when it comes to America, they claim that Bubba can’t do a damn thing with his AR-15.

Muslims good, Christians bad

The left loves Muslims, even though Muslims don’t return the favor. Free love, same sex marriage, women’s rights, “free to be me!” Liberals don’t see the disconnect. Should Sharia law take effect in America, it wouldn’t be safe to walk down the sidewalk, for all the gays sailing off of high places.

Women would assume the rightful place in society. Covered head to toe and beaten into submission.

My suspicion is that liberals don’t see Muslims as a threat. Muslims are religious. In the liberal world religious people are stupid and easily defeated. Look at all the Catholic politicians that support birth control, abortion, homosexual relationships and premarital sex. The church hierarchy rolls over and says but, but, but.

The KKK was a useful adjunct to the democratic party. The Klan wasn’t perceived as a threat to the democratic power structure. Time has shown that this assessment was correct. The Klan no longer holds the power it once did.

The Klan has been replaced by liberals who are more effectively racist that the Klan ever was. Can you say Great Society, Abortion and welfare?