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I thought I was a cowboy, turned out I was a lesbian.

Umberto-Eco-lists-the-14-common-features-of-the-eternal-fascist points out that modern day usage of the term fascist bears no resemblance to the fascism of his youth. Shouting fascist these days is name calling without regard to the actual meaning of the term. It is well worth the read.

It reminds me of the cowboy and his first trip to the big city. On the first night, he went to one of them there singles bars. He engaged an attractive blonde in conversation. She set him straight from the get-go saying that she was a lesbian.

The cowboy admitted that he was unfamiliar with the term.

She informed him that she spent a great deal of time obsessing about beautiful woman and plotting and scheming how to make love to them. She asked the cowboy what he did.

He replied, “Up until the time I met you I would have said I was a cowboy, but now, having met you, I guess I was wrong. I’m a lesbian.”