Hold My Beer

The former democratic governor of Louisiana once made the following comment. Edwards is dead. His spirit lives on and is manifested in President Poopy Pants.

Biden suggests that the latest cache of classified documents was found in his garage, right next to his Corvette. Poopy Pants suggests that his garage is an appropriate place to store classified documents.


President Poopy Pants explains.

Not only does basement Joe share a passing resemblance to the late governor, he also embraces his ethics.

I once had a passing familiarity with the rules governing the storage of classified material. It has been a while; things could have changed. I just can’t recall anywhere in the rules where it said: “just stack that top secret stuff next to Joe’s Corvette.”

Let me get this straight. A garage with an old Corvette parked in it is more secure than Mar-a-Lago. Mar-a-Lago is the residence of former President Trump. It is secured by a Secret Service detail, private security, and a Secret Service approved alarm system.