Hissy Fit at Justice


I keep telling readers that when a legal controversy raises, it’s head the place to go is to Volokh Conspiracy or a site like Lawfare. Both sites are staffed with attorneys, mostly Law Professors.

Both have articles up regarding the immigration order. More specifically both sites have articles about the refusal of the former attorney general known as Sally Yates. Neither professor addresses the immigration order because at this point there is no stated fact situation to challenge the order, just opinions. “How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?”

The only point of controversy is can a subordinate refuse to do their job based on opinion? Does anybody accept the word of a belligerent two-year-old as final? Trump was entirely justified in firing her, and she made his job easy going about it the way she did. I would have been more sympathetic had she merely resigned because of a crisis of conscious. Her firing is no “Saturday Night Massacre”  no matter how bad the press wished it was so.



I know a guy that owns a topless bar in Pentagon City, only four stops away on the yellow line if Ms. Yates needs work I could give him a call.