Great Moments in Democrat Race Relations

There is nobody more racist than a liberal. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has demonstrated that he is a liberal in good standing. His yearbook has been retrieved and it is confirmed this is not a cut and paste job. The only question is that him in blackface? Future democrat politicians in Klan robes has been done before. Bet he made his mother proud.

Let’s revisit other notable democrats and their views on race relations.

The military and government civil service were in the process of integrating, until Wilson put a stop to it.
Woodrow Wilson supported Sanger’s philosophy regarding eugenics.
Strom Thurmond U.S. Senator
Senator Robert Byrd, Kleegle and Grand Cyclops of the KKK
Princess Angry Beaver tried to claim Indian ancestry.

There will be calls for Northam to step down. Why should he? He is a liberal democrat doing what democrats do. As the photos indicate, he is in good company. This isn’t a bug. It is a feature.