Girls (with) In Guns

Pistol, French, 5.5 mm, Custom in the design of a woman on both sides. Single shot. SN: N/A, JMD Oval Tag: 2393, Condition: Very Good, >> FFL IS REQUIRED <<

This doesn’t exactly fit the category of “Girls With Guns.” However it does say something about the term gun makers art. As a firearm this pistol was sadly lacking. It is more an illustration of the art of the possible.

These days the gun makers art takes a different form.

Cabot Guns, a Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of custom handguns and knives, has taken the wraps off its latest project: A pair of M1911 pistols hewn from a chunk of Gibeon meteorite. The set, appropriately titled “The Big Bang Pistol,” is priced at $4.5 million.

I wonder if liberals are capable of making the distinction? Probably not with AOC and Princess Angry Beaver leading the charge.

AOC and Princess Angry Beaver, meeting of the minds!