Dykes Reign Supreme in Holland

The unhero

The U.S. Women’s Soccer team won the World Cup. Ho-hum. According to the swaggering bull dyke captain, Americans are pieces of shit for not more fully supporting the team.

The first point I would make is, it’s soccer, nobody cares. The reality is if soccer was put up against a competition for watching paint dry. The paint dry competition would have the larger audience share.

Revenues are dictated, in part, by audience share. Nobody watches, nobody gets the big payday.

I know, I know, ditch the uniforms, play shirts and skins!

Second there is an element of hero worship in celebrating sports heroes. Part of that worship is rooted in shared values, (real or imagined). I don’t see that the bull dyke and I share many values. Screw her.

Cue the calls for, ” sexism, male chauvinist pig, homophobic.” Consider the source, sounds like self serving bullshit to me. It seems kind of lopsided that the bull dyke lobby can say anything without sanction, but anything short of full agreement is subject to censure.

There seems to be a disconnect here. Captain Dyke’s spends time rejecting people, organizations and aspects of society she disagrees with. Then she complains that the people she disagrees with refuse to support her, by throwing hard earned money her way.

I support LGBT.