What’s Wrong With This Story?

A customer in Tempe felt frightened at the sight of six cops drinking coffee. This booger eating moron brought this concern to an employee. The employee, not to be outdone, for the title of stupidest person in the room told the cops they either had to move or leave.

Let’s examine this scenario, keeping in mind the observations of the two greatest investigators ever.

Which one of these things aren’t like the other?

I am not sure what purpose is served by asking the cops to leave. The act of doing so begins a confrontation that did not previously exist. That is presupposing that it takes two to tango or tangle.

Putting that issue aside, the next consideration what is the reaction likely to be? I don’t know what the reaction of the first two groups pictured will be. But I can guess.

The customer is not always right. I don’t patronize Starbucks. My theory is that the more complicated the coffee order, the higher the asshole quotient is. Starbucks is ground zero for assholes. That includes the cops. Real cops drink bad coffee, not designer shit.

Pouring coffee isn’t rocket science
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