Cut Rate Zombie Apocalypse

Works for me!

I used to believe that the panic regarding the Chinese virus was way over blown. I am reconsidering. Liberals have reason to be scared. Their policies render them the most vulnerable.

Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said Monday that he would not close the borders over the escalating coronavirus outbreak.
The Democratic presidential candidate flatly said, “No,” when asked at a Fox News town hall broadcast.

Infected Illegal aliens can cross the border in the name of …. Bernie is okay with restricting the ability of American’s to travel, associate and practice their religion. Civil rights for some, but not all. This, in the name of public health.

There are indications that the Chinese virus may be transmitted via feces. This has got folks in San Francisco nervous.

Watch your step in San Francisco

Austin, Texas has banned public gathering. Who needs the First Amendment? Meanwhile, if you want to indulge in panic buying, in Austin, you better bring your own bag. Austin banned disposable shopping bags years ago. Don’t let it worry you in the least that reusable shopping bags can transmit the Chinese virus.

All this posturing by liberals is just so much bullshit. It is a hoax perpetuated by the cynical upon the stupid.