Florida Man

I blame the MSM for always seeking the lowest level. When you descend to that level and look around, there I am lurking over in the corner. I could justify it by saying, “That’s my job.” For thirty years, as a cop, I got paid to hang out with lowlifes. That doesn’t work any longer. I’m not getting paid, yet here I am.

Here is some random stuff that just seems like it belongs together.

Here is a product for the Pot growers to exploit.

Save your empty rolls

Salad Tossing for the flyover states

Salad Tossing in Florida

Andrew Gillum and Travis Dyson, salad tossing! It’s not just what’s for dinner.

Former attempted Governor of Florida, Andrew Gillum has announced he is entering rehab. I thought democrats were against gay conversion therapy.

At any rate Miami has a city ordinance against it. It was passed on October 13, 2016. The Miami City Commission voted 3–2 in favor of banning the use of conversion therapy on minors.[86][87] The ban was sponsored by Commissioner Francis Suarez and took effect that same day. (Wikipedia)

Just when you thought you understood.