Canned Hunts, Canned Outrage

Canned Lion Hunt, South Africa

The Daily Mail breathlessly reports about canned hunts going on in South Africa. Rich folks or rice propelled limp dicks looking for aphrodisiacs can pay to hunt lions or get lion by-products.

I am not a hunter. I chased assholes for thirty years and couldn’t see the challenge or sport in hunting Bambi. I never developed a taste for venison, wild boar on the other hand… I read the story and can’t get worked up. Beneath the hysteria the article glosses over several points.

The lions are a renewable resource, in much the same manner as cattle. They are bred for the specific purpose of being harvested through hunting or slaughter house operations. I agree that anybody who would pay for such a hunting experience is a marginal human being. But they are no more marginal than the wackos who protest the idea of hunting.

I’ve got an idea. Let’s gather the hunters and the animal rights wackos together on the game ranch and let them go at each other. Neither can be said to be as cute and cuddly as a lion. It’s not like there is ever gonna be a shortage of these assholes. Sounds like a win-win.

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