Another Finest Hour for MSM

Sign of the times

Game of Thrones continuity oversight causes MSM shitstorm. Film at eleven.

I guess I’m not surprised. Mueller reports that the three FISA warrants obtained by Obama’s FBI were lacking in probable cause. Ho-hum. Pelosi says Attorney General Barr lied about his interaction with Mueller. Mueller says he didn’t. Nancy gets a bye. A nice Catholic kid smiles at a left wing wacko and is the subject of thirty news stories on CNN. Muslim kids are filmed chanting about killing unbelievers in Philadelphia and CNN is nowhere to be seen. Could be worse.

This is actually a helpful exercise. The astute watcher or reader just has to take a look at the overall content of a news program, newspaper front page, or web page and ask the following question. In my experience, how much of the content is worthless bullshit? What remains at the source does not become credible. Once the reader reaches a tipping point, say 50% rejection, then it may be safe to reject all that remains.

It isn’t enough to check multiple sources because MSM journalists copy each other. What is required is multiple sources from different ends of the spectrum.

News that’s fun to watch!

Yeah, the millennials may be able to correctly identify a Starbucks coffee cup as being inconsistent with the historical period. Two thirds of those same geniuses don’t know where or what Auschwitz is.

Based on their wide experience and knowledge, I’m sure to value their opinion on just about anything.