Be Careful What You Wish For…

Full Circle?

Proof that demonstrators don’t have to understand the issues. They just have to show up.

This photo and some of the list have been circulating on the Internet. I added some commentary and a conclusion.

Okay, I’ll play her silly game. Abracadabra! Women now have the same rights and will be treated like guns. I carried a gun, on a daily basis, for thirty years and still do when the spirit moves me. I feel I am qualified to point out some things about gun toters in general.

I have a confession to make. There are some guns I would carry and others that I would not. I am guilty of discrimination. I am not now and never have been faithful. I possess multiple guns and may favor one over another on a whim. Sometimes I even carried two, or three counting the the AR-15.

Occasionally I left a gun locked up in the car. I didn’t care how hot or cold it got. My friends and I often passed around a gun for our pleasure. We engaged in debates over the desirability of physical characteristics of a particular gun. We weren’t shy about making complimentary or denigrating remarks regarding those characteristics.

My comments were about treatment. Let’s look to “RIGHTS.”

If a woman were to given the same rights as a gun, the following would come into play.

  • – Women would be banned from most schools. There goes educational opportunities for women.
  • – Many stores, restaurants would deny women service or entry.
  • – Women would be banned from any establishment selling alcohol.
  • – Women would be banned from polling places on election days. You thought voter ID laws were tough? Kinda hard to vote if one is not allowed in the door.
  • – Women would be banned from all Federal facilities and a lot of State and Local venues. No day in court, no driver’s license, and no representation. I suppose one could chase elected officials down the street.
  • – Women would be banned from most public transportation, certainly airports.
  • – Women would have no say in who they were paired with. That decision would be made by a third party after a waiting period and the proper paperwork was completed. There may even be a fee. This would give potential suitors time to sober up!
  • – It is acceptable to discriminate against women simply because they look too scary.
  • – Women would be locked up at all times that they are not in use.
  • -For an additional fee, women could be equipped with silencers.

The sentiment expressed in sign looks like a step back to me. But, I’m a man and my opinion doesn’t count. Girls I’m game if you are.

I told my fairy godmother I wanted the same rights as guns. Next thing I know, poof! I find myself barefoot, pregnant and scrubbing the kitchen floor.